The typical values of the bauxite from Kurdu (Yilanli Dag) is given below:

Al2O3 : 49%- 57%
SiO2 : 6% – 9%
TiO2 : 2% – 4%
Fe2O3 : 18% – 22%

Our production capacity is approximately 10,000 MT/Month from this quarry.

Please contact us for FOB , Gulluk Price.


We currently own 3 emery mines in Mugla region.

  • Eyli Tepe
  • Destin
  • Korteke

We produce approximately 5,000 tons of emery per year. We process this emery in our facility in Mugla and create additional value instead of selling it run of mine.

We are operating our Destin mine lately and occasionally produce emery from eyli tepe mine.

We are keeping the third mine Kortepe, for future exploitation.

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