Bauxite is a mineral which can be described as a mixture of aluminum oxides and hydroxites.

Emery is a kind of rock, black or dark grey in color and used for the production of abrasive powder.

Yilanli bauxite quarry, Our production capacity is approximately 10,000 MT/Month from this quarry.


Grafit Mining Industry

Our company was established in 1989 as Grafit Sanayi Ltd. After producing graphite for long years, started production of emery in the year 2006 and later production of bauxite. Today our company ceased production of graphite and continues production of bauxite and emery.

The emery which is mined from our quarries in the province of Mugla is being crushed, grinded, sieved and packed in our facility according to their grits (in accordance with the universally accepted standards; FEPA) and exported to Asian, European and American markets.

Grafit Madencilik was the sole supplier of Van Mannekus Company in emery. We were producing the emery especially for Van Mannekus & Co. VB of Netherland, under an exclusive agreement. This material was being distributed in Europe, Asia and Far East markets under Van Mannekus’s registered brands. Eventhough the exclusivity ceased after Van Mannekus merged with Timab, we still keep on supplying the emery Timab requires. We have three emery mines that we operate for our own consumption. We currently work in two of these mines namely Eyli Tepe and Destin, and keep the third one, namely Korteke for our future operations.


Environmentally friendly production

Environmentally Friendly

Expert Staff

Quality Production

Quality Certified

Best Technology

Fast Delivery

Environmental Management Policy

In-situ waste reduction

In-situ waste reduction by recycling and retrieving.

Removing waste material

Removing waste material, ensuring that it is not harmful for environment

Compliance with environmental laws

Obeying and fulfilling the environmental laws’ requirements.

Assess their environmental impact

Evaluating,  controlling and reclaiming the environmental effects of our activities.

Inform third parties

Informing third parties during activities in order to reduce the risk of harm.

Reinforcing environmental awareness

Providing staff attendance at all times  and reinforcing the environmental awareness  with required tools.


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