What is bauxite?

As you know, diamond is a hard metal. Here, bauxite, which is among the hardest minerals after diamond, can be defined as a mineral with glass shine, different colors and its composition is aluminum oxide. It is also among the information we will give that it is a transparent material.

Where to use?

Of course, the usage areas differ. However, we can say that this varies according to the amount of mineral. According to the SiO2 in its content, bauxite may not even be considered as an ore. Generally, an ore with 2% and 3% SiO2 will not find a use in the aluminum industry.

  • Used in aluminum production
  • In addition to these, while there are some products obtained from bauxite, we can briefly mention them as follows.
    • synthetic mullite
    • high alumina fire brick
    • casting materials
    • While it is possible to use it for cement, iron-steel, brick, it is also used to fill the cavities of kiln bricks.
  • It is found in some chemicals obtained from bauxite. These are as follows.
    • Aluminum sulfate
    • sodium aluminate
    • Al-Chloride, used for crude oil
    • Aluminum Hydrate
  • While there are other consumption areas, it is also preferred in the production of sandpaper, emery wheels, stones used for sharpening. Being a hard mineral after diamond, it helps in abrasive production.
  • Finally, we can mention that it is also used in Ferrochrome plants to prevent slags.

First, let’s give brief information about bauxite minerals. Then, let’s share with you our research on where it is produced in the world and in our country.

What is bauxite?

While bauxite is generally found in an earthy and clay structure, it can also be found as massive, oolitic. This mineral, which has glass shine and transparent structure, is known as aluminum oxide composition. Bauxite, which is a mixture of some minerals, is considered the hardest metal after diamond. Light and hard, this mineral is found in gray and white, while some have yellow and red tones. While talking about that it consists of a mixture of minerals, the minerals found are as follows.

  • Diaspora
  • Aluminum
  • iron
  • Manganese hydroxides
  • Hydration

The extracted bauxite is used for the production of 90% aluminum. Aluminum production has an important place in bauxite minerals mined all over the world and in Turkey. In aluminum production, the lightness of the bauxite mineral is a very important factor.

 Where is it extracted?

In our country, bauxite is mined in certain regions. Some of them are as follows.

  • Konya – Seydisehir
  • Adana – Saimbeyli
  • Antalya – Akseki
  • Mugla – Milas
  • Zonguldak surroundings
  • in the western parts of the Taurus Mountains

Bauxite mineral has an important place in the world. According to the data of the Turkish Chamber of Mining Engineers, Australia, Guyana, Jamaica, Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela are the regions with the main production. It is said that 43 million tons of alumina was produced in 1997. While it is known that bauxite production in the whole world has been between 110 and 125 million tons in recent years, this production has been calculated annually.